"Send them a reason to smile every month"
Why You Should Send a Monthly Gummy Lover Box:

Why the Gummy Lover's  Experience?

Make someone feel really special. 
Indulge with a monthly box that features new surprises and old favorites. 
It's a recurring fun monthly adventure.

First Class Support

Life is Sweet guarantees that every month, your gift box will arrive safe and sound. We provide impeccable careful attention to the fulfillment and packaging of your gift box.

Everyone Loves Gummies ❤️

Did you know that Chewy Gummy Candy is one of the fastest-growing candy trends? For decades gummies have been the go-to treat forcandy lovers of all ages.

Who would love this gift?

This gift box is perfect for college students, grandkids, friends, and anyone who loves gummies. It's a special treat every month - to let them know how special they are - and that you love and miss them. 

Now you can make them feel special. 
Every Month. 
Every. Single. One. 😊
When I was a child, my Nanny always made me feel special. 
My great-grandma lived with my grandparents, and she was awesome
The funny thing is, We ALL thought we were her favorite.
Know why? Because she always made time for all 16 of us. 
And always sent us home with our own bag of treats.

This was not expensive stuff or fancy things. 
Collections of candy, box of cookies, some school supplies, stickers, and a quarter.
These things she gathered and put together for each of us. In a bag to take home and enjoy. 
To remind us that she loved us, and it made us think of her.

She made us each feel very special
So special, that we still argue about who was her favorite. 
I know I was her favorite. 😊

This idea lead to the Monthly Gummy Lover's Box.
With this monthly gift you can truly connect with your family.
Every month they will feel all the feels!
The delight of getting a surprise treat in the mail.
All warm and fuzzy when they set about opening their box.
Enjoying their candy all month long - and thinking of you every time.
They will know how much you care. 
And ordering is easy to set up - takes less than five minutes.
One time does it all.
Gummy Lover's Box
We all know that person who LOVES candy. Maybe it's you!
This Monthly Gift Box is perfect for:
* Grandchildren or children
* College Students 
* Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins
* Siblings or Best Friends
* Birthdays, Holidays, or Celebrations
* For the Office to share
* Gummy Lover's of All Ages
Trusted by Thousands of Customers - Just Like You.
Thanks so much for making the day special.  My son's a Major in the Army and it's tough being a long distance grandma. I just wanted to let you know you made everyone's day.
Vincent Garofoli
Five Stars! Great atmosphere, high quality candies and confections and beyond friendly and helpful staff!
Kate Borthwick
Literally one of my favorite candy shops to order from! They always have my favorite nostalgic candy and the only place I can find the one candy my mum loves. Love them so much!
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